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Student Design Competition

For MARI‐TECH 2021 student attendees
Winner will receive a $1000 cash prize!

In groups of 1‐2, develop a concept design for an electric commuter ferry for the city of Atlantia, whose citizens embrace sustainable infrastructure. 

The ferry requirements are as follows:   

  • 100 passenger, service 24 hr per day 
  • 3 one‐way trips per hour 
  • 400 m crossing in a sheltered river estuary with mild currents 
  • Ferry must have independent on‐board power and propulsion and not rely on a cable Vessel must recharge at one or both docks, at an interval decided by designer without interruption to trips 

Your team’s design must show: 

  • GA and vessel particulars 
  • Energy storage and propulsion system 
  • Charge/discharge cycles with average/peak loads and storage margin   Design choices backed‐up with calculations and literature 

Submission must include: 

  • 1600 x 400 Header Image/Team Poster 
  • Design description with images 
  • Design Calculations 
  • Any other documentation you deem relevant (literature, CAD files, renderings, it’s up to you!). More information the better. 


  • Sign up and submission closes: 30 June 2021 
  • Judging and winner chosen: 16 July 2021

PLEASE NOTE: All applicants who qualify for the competition will receive a complementary registration for Mari‐Tech 2021. 

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